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Your Fastest Path to Zero-Trust Secure Access

Overwatch Secure Access Service Edge tackles emerging security challenges for your cloud-enabled businesses by moving enforcement to the edge where your teams, devices, apps and workloads interact.

It goes even further by delivering end-to-end managed cybersecurity – from threat prevention to detection and response – as a service to enable simple and secure network access anywhere, anytime.


What is SASE?

Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) is a network architecture model that combines wide area networking (WAN) and network security services into a single, cloud-delivered service model. SASE’goal is to increase speed, agility and scalability for distributed and cloud-reliant enterprises, reducing complexity and promoting enhanced security.

How does SASE work?

SASE solutions work by:

  • Sending all data traffic to the SASE cloud platform, rather than routing it through your company’s data center

  • Leveraging cloud technology to apply advanced cybersecurity services to all incoming traffic and to manage and optimize network traffic

  • Using edge computing to bring processing and services closer to the data source, improving performance and reducing latency

The result is a flexible, scalable network architecture designed to support mobile, distributed workforces and cloud-based applications, while also ensuring a high level of security.

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