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SaaS Monitoring

Are Your SaaS Applications Secure?

In our work from anywhere world, using software-as-a-service (SaaS) is critical and cost-effective, but it’s also risky. If your company is like most, it uses about 130 cloud applications – each one a potential avenue for cyberattack.

Safe SaaS use policies are not enough. Despite warnings, users take shortcuts, share anonymous files and bypass safeguards. What can you do to secure your sensitive data?


Introducing Overwatch SaaS Monitoring

Overwatch SaaS Monitoring & Management helps secure your business data in three simple steps:

1 - User Identify Validation

Ensure only authorized users and devices can access your critical SaaS applications.

2 - Monitoring & Detection

Detect unusual user activity or behavior using powerful SaaS monitoring tools.

3 - Remediation

Stop threats automatically to protect against data theft, data-at-risk, and bad actors.

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