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Patch Management

Zero-Touch, Cloud-Native Endpoint Management

Powered by Automox

Enterprises have migrated infrastructure and applications to the cloud to deliver future-proof solutions to their distributed work forces more efficiently and economically. Yet, patching and endpoint management remain on-premises despite high upfront costs, disconnected and outdated tool sets and slow deployment.

With the shift to remote work, an on-premises approach to securing the digital environment has become even more challenging and costly.

Zero-Hassle Solution

With Overwatch Patch powered by Automox, there’s no server to build, no database to maintain, no on-premises patch catalog to curate and no ongoing versioning and updating of your patching and endpoint hardening solution.

With our cloud-native solution, Overwatch experts can remediate patch vulnerabilities, deploy required software and fix misconfigured systems for your business. Zero infrastructure. Zero VPN. Zero hassle.

Patching & Endpoint Management Simplified

Overwatch Patch enables our expert team to manage all of your organization’s endpoints – on-premises and remote —
worldwide through the cloud-native console. There’s no infrastructure to purchase, deploy, or manage. We take care of everything.

Proactive Hardening & Rapid Response

With Overwatch Patch, we enable your enterprise to reduce its target surface by 80 percent and respond rapidly to threats by remediating any endpoint anywhere in the world within 24 hours of exposure. Plus, we can quickly execute changes at massive scale, dramatically reducing response time.

Streamline Inventory

Automatically track all hardware, software, patches, and configuration details for your corporate endpoints.

Enable Group Policies

Manage globally distributed endpoints in groups by location, business unit or risk tolerance.

Automate Workflows

Use pre-packaged or custom scripts to execute approval polices or enforce local configurations.

Ensure Compliance

Automatically track all hardware, software, patches, and configuration details for your corporate endpoints.

Integrate Systems

Leverage APIs to monitor device health and share configuration data with other security monitoring platforms.

Deploy at Scale

Use OS deployment tools like JumpCloud, Active Directory, or CrowdStrike for large-scale agent distribution.

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