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Network Detection & Response (NDR)

Managed NDR Comprehensive Detection & Response Simplified

The Overwatch Managed NDR service is comprehensive, delivering threat detection and response across hybrid environments.  Unified Security Across Hybrid Environments, 360 degree visibility for Friction Free Intelligence. 24/7 monitoring and As-A-Service Delivery.

Automated Inventory

Overwatch Managed NDR keeps an always up-to-date inventory through auto-discovery and classification of everything
communicating on the network.

Automated Investigation

Overwatch Managed NDR enriches every detection with content, risk scoring, attack background and expert-guided next steps to enable confident response.


Perfect Forward Secrecy Decryption

Overwatch Managed NDR decrypts SSL/TLS 1.3 with PFS passively and in real time so you can detect threats hiding in your own encrypted traffic.

Peer Group Detection

By automatically categorizing devices into precise peer groups, Overwatch Managed NDR can spot strange behavior with minimal false positives.

Cloud-Scale Machine Learning

With cloud-scale machine learning and predictive modeling drawing upon 5,000+ L2-L7 features, Overwatch Managed NDR detects, prioritizes and contextualizes threats against your critical assets.

Confident Response Orchestration

Overwatch Managed NDR handles detection and investigation while powerful integrations with solutions like Phantom and Palto Alto enable augmented and automated response workflows.

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