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Email Security

Boost Data Loss Protection By Combining Advanced Tools & Experienced Analysts

Take it from the FBI: Email compromise is a real and rising risk, increasing 65% and raking in $43 billion in the five years ending in 2021. Protecting your data-driven business against phishing, ransomware, account takeover, and other growing and evolving threats requires advanced multilayer email security tools and expert remediation. Overwatch Email Security from High Wire Networks offers both.


Security Built for Cloud Email & Collaboration


Overwatch Email Security is designed and delivered as an affordable managed cybersecurity service for the modern cloud-enabled hybrid workplace. Plus, it can be up and running fast! Once installed, Overwatch Email Security protects against evolving threats with AI-driven solutions that learn and adapt to your changing environment. These threats include:

  • Phishing

  • Ransomware

  • Malware

  • Data leakage

  • Account takeover

  • Shadow IT

Email Security Services With Overwatch

Overwatch Email Security protects against business email compromise (BEC) and then some, extending protection to your company’s vital data-sharing hubs, including:

Email & Messaging Protection

Outlook, Teams, Gmail and Slack

Collaboration Protection

Microsoft 365 and GSuite

File Sharing Protection

Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, One Drive and ShareFile

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