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Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR)


Your Next-Generation Endpoint Protection


Managed EDR Powered by SentinelOne delivers a one-two punch against cybercriminals with the industry’s market-leading AI-driven endpoint security platform managed by our expert cybersecurity team from our Overwatch 24/7 SOC.

Next-generation EDR by SentinelOne provides threat prevention plus autonomous detection and recovery and enables Deep Visibility Threat Hunting 


The 24/7 Security Operations Center (SOC) employs expert security analysts to continuously monitor the SentinelOne EDR platform.

Work Anywhere Spreads Risk Everywhere

Cloud-enabled anywhere work is a boon to businesses of all sizes by improving productivity, creating flexibility for employees and delivering more responsive service to customers.

It’s also been a bonanza for cybercriminals, extending the attack surface to a greater number of endpoints – beyond servers and workstations to laptops, tablets, smartphones and even IoT devices – and putting your systems at greater risk.

Antivirus is Not Enough

You need more than just antivirus to keep your business safe. You need managed endpoint detection and response (EDR), which monitors endpoints, detects suspicious behavior, blocks malicious activity, suggests remediation steps and, most importantly, is managed by security experts.

Call us today to get EDR + 24/7 SOC for the Price of 1!
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