Several questions to ask yourself:

Do you know what you have?

Our team of experts can audit and review your business, your environment, servers, workstations, etc. to be sure that your up to date and make recommendations on where you need to be based on your business goals and objectives.

Is your business expanding?

Have you taken an overall look at your IT infrastructure to know if you’re ready for the growth? The VeriCom group can help you get a handle on the expansion of your business. From adding capacity to your switches, to insuring that you have the necessary space and room to grow is one area that we can help you with.

Network & Security Assessments

How healthy is your overall network? Let The VeriCom Group audit, assess, analyze, and provide a report on the current state of your systems, letting you know of any potential problems.

Staffing Augmentation

Is your IT team stretched and having trouble keeping up with user needs and demands? Our consulting team can augment your staff and help you through the tough times. We us knowledge share and make recommendations on how to improve their response time and customer service. Our team works with your IT team to help them get up to speed when they have issues that are outside of their expertise.


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