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Managed Cybersecurity Services

Protect your Business from Cyber Threats with highly effective cybersecurity solutions. Our services are designed to help safeguard your enterprise, no matter how complex or distributed it may be. Trust us to help defend your business and keep it secure.

Our Services

Our Services

Helping YOU Protect Your Business from Cyberthreats is a 24/7 Job!

Let the experts from Overwatch help you lock out threats!

Managed Extended Detection & Response (MXDR)

Managed “everything” Detection and Response is a unified approach that collects and correlates all security tools to help protect the entire enterprise attack surface.

Network Detection & Response (NDR)

Managed NDR lets you tap into our cybersecurity war room – a CISO-led 24/7 SOC staffed by security analysts leveraging enterprise-class threat detection and hunting tools.Deliver Zero-Trust Access with Near-Zero Effort

Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR)

Our solution monitors endpoints, detects suspicious behavior, blocks malicious activity, suggests remediation steps and, most importantly, is managed by security experts.

Security Awareness Training

Your team is the weak link in your defenses. Our interactive video training educates and reinforces good cyber hygiene.

Vulnerability Management

Combines people power with data mining and machine learning technology to uncover, prioritize and block the holes in your defense continuously — 24/7/365.

Email Security

Prevent threats from ever reaching your inbox. Our comprehensive email security solution provides proactive data loss protection by combining advanced tools and experienced analysts.

Patch Management

With our cloud-native solution, Overwatch experts can remediate patch vulnerabilities, deploy required software and fix misconfigured systems.

Managed Secure Edge

Whether you have one office, branch offices, remote or mobile workers, our solution provides network security and redundancy to your hybrid work environment.

OT/IoT Security

With one click, we can lock down your network, isolating the threat so it can’t move between devices or locations.


The solution tackles the emerging security challenge for your cloud-enabled business by moving enforcement to the edge where your team, devices, apps and workloads interact

SaaS Monitoring

Overwatch SaaS Monitoring & Management neutralize threats before they can cause significant damage, mitigating downtime and data loss by leveraging best-in-class tools and expert oversight.

Managed Firewall

Let us handle the implementation and maintenance of your firewall infrastructure and monitor it 24/7 all as a service.  Looking for Fully or Co-managed as Hardware-as-a-Service?


When asked to pick two things that standout about The VeriCom Group, it is tough because two come to mind. The first has to be security.  With the vast data sets we work with its imperative our network environment is secure.  The second is the effieciency in which our hardware, software, and support needs are managed.  The VeriCom Group is very easy to work with and adaptive to our changing environment.  


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